FIVEWAYS FRUITS                

FIVEWAYS FRUITS - would like to give you a warm welcome to our shop!

Welcome to FIVEWAYS FRUITS! Fabulous, quality products at reasonable prices - all available from our greengrocers shop in Brighton.

 We are proud to provide a great selection of fresh produce and organic grocery items to our local customers, many of whom we now consider as friends.

 You will be amazed at just how many different things we sell in our little TARDIS!

 Due to demand & people cooking from scratch or discovering new food ideas and recipes we are always aiming to please by going that extra mile and trying to track down their desired items - ASAP!!

Our aim is not to disappoint but to please! and keep you all local!!

We also sell an excellent range of INFINITY FOODS products ( a Brighton based co-operative)                                                                                                                                   An idea of what we sell Pulses,rice,grains,flour,pasta,breads,soup,oils,condiments,local made fresh curry pots,samosas(when available) SMORL'S local Houmous, juices,vegan products,FRESH MILK IN GLASS BOTTLES! lots of fresh dairy items, local cheeses ,farm eggs,fresh herbs daily Fresh,fruit,veg,salad daily,cakes,biscuits,gluten free products local honey,flowers,plants,bird nuts/seeds,compost,logs etc,etc. MORE THAN JUST A GREENGROCERS!


We source from local growers in the south & buy produce from brighton and london markets to deliver to you the customer, the freshest choice avalible.


We take great pride in what we sell, and work hard to deliver the best Quality fresh food for you!


Fiveways Fruits is a great hub for the community. In Fiveways we a very lucky to have an excellent range of local shops,all very busy and being supported by all the local residence and nearby surrounding neighbourhoods.


We specialise in combining quality with low prices, ensuring that you can afford a tasty, healthy and well-balanced diet. We try to stock as much organic, locally grown produce as possible and are always on the lookout for new suppliers to extend the range of food we have in store. Enjoy special promotions, permanently low prices and a wide selection of tasty, fresh produce. Come and see for yourself - our range offers something for everyone. Excellent service,   MORE THAN JUST A GREENGROCERS! check out our reviews,or come and smell,feel, touch,taste our fresh fruit &veg.                                      Sadly  Not many of us independent greengrocers left anymore.

Find us



Ditchling Road  

East Sussex



Tel: 01273 565598

Fax:01273 542892



Home Deliveries Available 

        Opening times                Mon-Fri   8am-5.45pm           Saturday         8am-5.30pm       Sorry closed Sundays.                                                                                                                          Open Sundays during the whole of December (xmas trees)                                                                9am-3pm

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